Leverage Neuroscience to ACTIVATE the best in your people!

Activators are more than influencers, they are leaders who know how to leverage brain science to energize and engage their people, launching them toward their full potential. Become a more effective leader by implementing proven tactics that light up the brain of others.


This program will teach you to:

  • Identify the unique motivations of the people you lead.
  • Connect with your employees to build trust and openness.
  • Light-Up the brains of your people to be their best.
  • Coach people to accelerate achievement and results.
  • Give constructive feedback to improve behaviors and performance.
  • Use "Activation Words" to prime positive attitudes and behaviors. 
  • Build a high-performance culture where everyone thrives.
  • Utilize more than 70 brain activation tactics.


Course Outline


Module 1 - What Really Motivates

  • What is an Activator?
  • A quick history of motivation theory
  • How the latest scientific research helps us to better understand motivation today.
  • Get Motivated to take your leadership to the next level.

Module 2 - The New Science of Performance

  • The difference between motivation and engagement.
  • The factors that drive engagement in the workplace.
  • The biggest predictor of employee engagement.
  • How to light-up someone's brain to be their best.

Module 3 - Becoming an ACTIVATOR

  • The two mechanisms that drive motivation and engagement.
  • Understand the sixteen motivations (desires and values)
  • Utilize the FRAMEwork model to build an environment that supports high-performance. 
  • The 3 core Activator practices that you can build and apply to become a more effective leader.

Module 4 - Connecting

  • The three elements of building strong connections with others. 
  • What words light-up the brain of the people you lead.
  • Assess your motivations.
  • Understand the motivation and uniqueness of others. 

Module 5 - Coaching

  • The benefits of coaching.
  • A model for conducting a coaching conversation.
  • The 5 skills that you need to be an effective coach.
  • Techniques to conduct strategic conversations.

Module 6 - Culturing

  • What "Culturing" is and how to lead it.
  • A proven FRAMEwork to support employee motivation and engagement.
  • Techniques to equip employees to co-create a high-performance culture. 

Module 7 - Continual Self-Development

  • Tactics to continually grow and develop yourself as an Activator. 

Dr. Jason Jones

Hi, I'm Jason Jones and I'll be your instructor and coach throughout the course. I have spent more than 20 years studying and applying behavioral and neuroscience methods of leadership. I am excited to teach you the new science of performance and some of the most advanced science-based tactics of leadership that will help you unleash the greatness of your people.

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